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Note name game for pitches above, below, and in the bass clef staff - timed

Identify each pitch as it appears on the screen. Flopsy the Whimsical Clown will let you know if you are incorrect. This game features notes above, below, and in the staff. There are 24 pitches to name, and their is a counter on the screen that lets you know how many pitches are left to identify. Flopsy does an extra special dance at the end of this game with his clown friends, and he has a flying clown car, too.

At the end of the game you have the option of clicking on a link that takes you to a page to print out a certificate (suitable for framing) indicating that you named all of the pitches correctly. Show your friends and teachers that you know all of the names of the pitches on the bass clef staff.

There is also an interactive button accordion at the end of the game. You can play your own melodies on it. If you have trouble viewing the game, update your Flash Player settings.

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